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February 20, 2022


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We encourage you to spend some time with God this week and go a bit deeper on this topic. Please consider these study questions for further reflection:
Question 1
Read 1st Peter 4:8-10. We are encouraged to “use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards.” When has someone served you with their talent or gift? When have you been able to serve others according to the gifts or talents God gave you?
Question 2
In 1 Corinthians 12:14-22, we are taught that the church (the Body of Christ) is much like a physical body made up of different parts, all serving one another. Can you identify some of the different gifts the Holy Spirit has given some of your friends and family and how they serve the Body of Christ?
Question 3
In the Parable of the Talents found in Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus shares a story of three servants who were entrusted with their master’s wealth and possessions while he was away. What was the outcome when the master returned? What do you think Jesus was trying to teach us with this story? How does this story affect you?
Additional scripture to explore: Genesis 2:18, Romans 12:4-9, 1 Corinthians 12:14-22, 1 Peter4:8-10,

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