Leave The 99

July 26, 2020
Of the 65,000 words in the New Testament, 39,000 were spoken by Jesus himself. In many Bibles, Jesus’ words stand apart from the rest as they are printed in red.…

Wednesday Worship

April 8, 2020
Join us for a special and intimate time of live worship through music, prayer, and the Word.


March 8, 2020
Lent is a time to examine our hearts, our motivations, and our love of God and others. It is a time to look inside ourselves, turn away from our old…


January 26, 2020
Throughout history, God has revealed his vision for our lives and how he wants us to live. God doesn’t tell us his desire for us so that we can debate it…

A New Heart

November 24, 2019
Sometimes it feels as though we’re alone in the world with everything and everyone out to get us. It feels like we’re captive in our own lives and struggling to…

Grafted In

August 25, 2019
Written to Christians in Rome, few books have shaped the landscape of Christianity like the book of Romans. The Apostle Paul covers many subjects, touching on some of the major…