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November 27, 2022

Ready Or Not

Passage: Matt 24:36-44, Rom 13:11-14, Isaac 2:1-5, Ps. 122
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Have you ever known that something is going to happen, but not when? The check that is supposed to arrive soon, the job promotion you’re waiting for, the contractor who said they’d call you back. It can be nerve wracking because you don’t know if it will really happen, and so the wait can seem like forever. As Christians, we wait in anticipation for the return of our Savior, not with anxiousness, but with hope that is found in God’s faithfulness. This Advent season, we hope you join us as we look at how we are called to live a Christ-centered life in preparation for His return.

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We encourage you to spend some time with God this week and go a bit deeper on this topic. Please consider these study questions for further reflection:

Question 1
What are you waiting for? What kind of earthly waiting do you think is closest to our waiting for Christ's return?

Question 2
Most of the Israelites missed the arrival of the Messiah because they had false expectations about who He would be and what He would do. If Jesus returned today, would people recognize Him? What false expectations might you have about Jesus and His return?

Question 3
What actions can you take to "keep watch" and "be ready" for Christ's return? In other words, how can you make your waiting for Him active, rather than passive? How can you grow in holiness and purity, as we prepare for His return?

Additional Scripture to study: Titus 2:11-14; Matthew 24:3-6, 36-44; Romans 13:11-14; 1 John 3:2-3

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