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December 20, 2020

Prince of Peace

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Study Questions
Additional Scriptures: Isaiah 9:6-7; John 13:36-14:1; John 14:27; Galatians 5:22-23; John 15:5

The word for peace in Hebrew is Shalom, meaning a complete peace with harmony and rest in the spirit. It is a peace that means despite external influences, we have have rest in our souls that comes from God. Have you experienced this kind of peace in your life? Peace that happens despite whatever is going on around you?

There is a difference between Peace WITH God and Peace FROM God. We have peace with God when we accept his salvation, repent of our sin, and live a life in him. But we have peace from God when we live a life that is close to him and we let him change our hearts from within. Have you asked God to give you his peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding?

If Jesus is the Prince of Peace, which means he rules over it because peace comes from him, and we are offered that peace through the Spirit, what is stopping you from being at peace in your heart? What is stopping you from having peace despite anything else that is happening in this world? Call on the name of Jesus, live a life with him at the center, and experience HIS peace.

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  • Donna Shelly says:

    I am not able to veiw this video online. I no longer have a facebook account and that seems to be the issue. It comes up a message that I do not have permission to veiw this.

    • Glen Boardman says:

      Hi Dona,
      I don’t think the issue is on your end. We’re working on it and I will get back in touch as soon as it’s resolved. Pastor Glen

  • Donna Shelly says:

    Thank you. Merry Christmas!

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