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May 9, 2021

True Deliverance

Passage: Esther 6:14-7:10
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Esther is an odd book in the Bible. It never mentions the name of God, there are no miracles, no prophets, and no prayers. Even the name Esther is not the real name of the main character. It is not a book of moral codes or spiritual enlightenment. It is a book about a person that was imperfect, messy, and desperate. And so, it is a book in the bible that is often ignored. Join us this Sunday as we examine the story of Esther and how God can work through all of us, despite our brokenness.

Study Questions

  1. Have you experienced God’s invisible hand of Providence in your ordinary circumstances? Describe a time that God worked in the background of your life.

  2. Why is it important that God works through both the miraculous and the mundane? What are the implications to the fact that God works through imperfect people?

  3. What are some characteristics of God that you have seen displayed through someone in your life recently? How can you plan to display God’s image through your life today?

Additional scripture to study: Esther 6:14-7:10

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  • Kevin White (yes I am his father and possibly biased) says:

    The message delivered by David White was excellent. The Word of God combined with emotion of gratefulness for wonderful mother’s was beautiful.

  • KEVIN WHITE says:

    Alli lead a beautiful time of worship today. Thanks to her and her team!

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