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September 12, 2021


Passage: Zechariah 2:6-13
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God is faithful to both redeem and purify his people and offer us a new beginning. No matter how far we have ‘strayed’ from God, he offers us a chance to begin again. As we look through the book of Zechariah, we will be encouraged as we recognize the importance of repentance and faithfulness in our lives. We serve a God who makes all things new, and that includes YOU!

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We encourage you to spend some time with God this week and go a bit deeper on this topic. Please consider these study questions and scripture based on the sermon for further reflection:

  1. 1.      How is repentance related to confession (“saying the same” or “agreeing with God”) and the Law of God?  See Romans 3:19-201 John 1:8-10Psalm 32:4-5.

    2.      The bible addresses the sins we commit but also speaks of sin as an inescapable part of our nature (until the resurrection!). How do the following passages speak about sin in this larger way? Psalm 51:3-5 (hint: verse 5 is the “larger way”); Romans 7:15-20.

    3.      Chris emphasized that repentance is not just a turn from sin to virtue, but rather a turn from sin to Christ. What is the difference? How does seeing the virtue (or righteousness) that we have fallen short of help us turn to the gospel of Jesus? Why is this important? See Romans 3:20-22.

Scripture to study: Romans 3:19-22, 1 John 1:8-10, Psalm 32:4-5, Psalm 51:3-5, Romans 7:15-20

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