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April 18, 2021

Remaining Faithful

Passage: Esther 2:19-3:15

Esther is an odd book in the Bible. It never mentions the name of God, there are no miracles, no prophets, and no prayers. Even the name Esther is not the real name of the main character. It is not a book of moral codes or spiritual enlightenment. It is a book about a person that was imperfect, messy, and desperate. And so, it is a book in the bible that is often ignored. Join us this Sunday as we examine the story of Esther and how God can work through all of us, despite our brokenness.

Study Questions

We see in the story of Esther that Haman and Mordecai instinctively don’t care for each other. In fact, they seem bent on being enemies. It turns out that their dislike for each other stems from generations of war and hate between their people. Haman sets a plan in motion to destroy not only Mordecai, but every other Jew in the Persian Empire because of their beliefs. Have you ever experienced hate or animosity because of nothing you have done, but just because of who you are or what you believe?

Pastor Kelly talked about the fact that spiritual attacks were real in the time of Esther and are real today. Sometimes they are hard power like physical violence and confrontations. Sometimes they are soft power like propaganda, tweets, gossip, or advertising. These attacks have the same goal – to make you feel unworthy, isolated, and ineffective for the Kingdom of God and your relationship with your Creator. What kind of attacks have you felt recently in your life that make you feel like you are separated from God?

Despite any attacks that are happening in this world, there are two truths that will help you through each and every day. 1 – God is on the throne. 2 – God is for his people. If you believe that God still reigns over this universe, then that means he has ultimate reign in your life. That is a good thing if God wants what is best for you. And he does! When you are in a spiritual attack, knowing that God is in control and wants you to thrive as the creature he has made, there is hope and comfort in your daily life. How can you find your peace, strength, and comfort from your Savior?

Additional Scripture to explore: Esther 3, 1 Peter 5:8-9, Romans 8:39

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