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March 22, 2020


Passage: Matthew 22:36-40, James 2:14-17, Romans 13:9
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Lent is a time to examine our hearts, our motivations, and our love of God and others. It is a time to look inside ourselves, turn away from our old lives, and live a life found in Christ. Lent is a reminder that we are all broken and in need of a Savior who has overcome sin and death. Join us as we walk through this Lenten season together and draw closer to God.

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  • Michael Goodwin says:

    I know that sometimes technology isn’t always trusting, but Tammy and I are watching and can’t hear most of the sermon. Would be possible to raise the volume some. I have my pc volume up as high as it will go.

  • stephen j dean says:

    my first time watching this was very good better yet it was awesome thank you

  • Denise M Ames says:

    Beautiful message by Pastor Kelly and lovely music. That last song by Ali was fantastic! Thanks Ali! Thanks to all who were involved putting this service together. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.

  • Mary Lou Dunn says:

    Thank you all. That was wonderful.

  • Donny says:

    Thank you for this ! I miss you all even though I’m new to the city and church . I found a home in your church . The feeling I’ve prayed for since I moved here. Please pray for me and my sons as we are divided by those without godly intentions . Pray for me as I do miss the connecting with others .

  • Tom, Karen and Andrew Hastings thank our Lord for this wonderful service today. We thank Him for everyone involved in getting this wonderful LOVE message out.
    In Christ.

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