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March 7, 2021

Here Is Your Son

Passage: John 19:23-27

Jesus suffered and died on the cross. Most of us know the story. But it is the words he said while nailed there that show his desire for our lives. Each time he spoke he revealed his heart and his love for us, his creation. Join us this Lenten season as we discover God’s heart for his people in our new preaching series Words from the Cross.

Study Guide Questions:

1) This week we saw Jesus' compassion showed for his mother while he was hanging on the cross. Despite his pain and suffering, both physical and spiritual, he continued to show his desire to care for and love those around him. How can we copy the compassion of Jesus in our daily lives?

2) David cautioned us about being careless with what we believe. As humans, we desire the approval of others and to escape our own guilty consciences. These things can cause us to interpret scripture in the wrong light. How do we make sure that scripture helps define our life in this world versus the world defining our theology?

3) We belong to a family of faith. Jesus' work on the cross creates a new family based on the redeeming blood of God's sacrifice. As a family of believers, how can we lift each other up, encourage each other, give each other compassion, as well as speak truth into each other's lives?

Scripture References: John 19:23-27, Revelation 22:18-19, Mark 3:32-35

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