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April 25, 2021

God Is Sovereign

Passage: Esther 4
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Esther is an odd book in the Bible. It never mentions the name of God, there are no miracles, no prophets, and no prayers. Even the name Esther is not the real name of the main character. It is not a book of moral codes or spiritual enlightenment. It is a book about a person that was imperfect, messy, and desperate. And so, it is a book in the bible that is often ignored. Join us this Sunday as we examine the story of Esther and how God can work through all of us, despite our brokenness.

Study Guide Questions:

  • God is always working, even when our circumstances are difficult and hard to see through. As you look back over your own life and walk with God, can you see and describe some places where God’s purpose worked out even when you could not see how it could ever happen? Consider writing these down in a journal or making a note, so that they can bring encouragement to you later.
  • Do you feel called or led to do that seems risky? What is standing in the way of you answering that call?
  • Fast and pray. Call to mind the signposts you recalled in question on, and then ask God for what you need to answer the call you are feeling.

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