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December 13, 2020

Everlasting Father

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Study Guide Questions
Additional Scriptures for study: Isaiah 9:6-7; Hebrew 13:8;

Jesus is called the Everlasting Father. Not all of us have have positive thoughts when we hear the term 'Father' because of our own experiences. What would the PERFECT Father look like to you?

Jesus is not just there for you today, but for all eternity. When you recognize that Jesus will be there to lead, guide, and shepherd you for all time, without end, how does that change your attitude towards him? If his love for you never ends, does that change how you view him in your life?

Do you want a loving Father that always has your best interests at heart? That is always there for you? That will always give you perfect wisdom, guidance, correction, love, and forgiveness? These are all things that God offers if you turn to him and accept him into your heart. What is stopping you from having that relationship with the Creator?


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  • Corinne says:

    Trying to watch today’s service. Says video unavailable

    • Courtney Pedersen says:

      We’re sorry about this! Unfortunately, it’s an issue with the FB feed and we’re unable to resolve it. If you are able to watch it on our FB page it is still available there. Thanks for understanding!

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